How To Save Your Android Battery Power

How to Save Your Android Battery Power
How to Save Your Android Battery Power – Android is one of the most popular operating system that now dominate smartphone market. Android users in Indonesia ranges variously with different ages and profession backgrounds. Some of them who use android mobile phone are elementary school students, parents, office workers, and some of any other professions.

There are many mobile phone manufacturers that chose android as their OS, such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Asus, and many more. One of the advantages that offered by Android mobile phone is its ability to do many tasks. Android mobile phone can be installed with a variety of applications that are useful for everyday activities. Some of these applications (such as email and social networking) require an internet connection to be updated at any time.

On the one hand, although the above advantages does help us in performing our daily activities, these application, on the other hand, may drain your android battery power fast. Especially if you intensely connect to this cyberspace.

When your android battery powers are depleted, off course, they can be recharged. However, this would be very ineffective if you are too often recharge your android mobile phone. Especially if you are a person with high mobility. Power bank perhaps able to give you help with this, however, some of android user can afford it. Therefore, I will give you some of tips to use your android battery power effectively. Here are some tips to make your android battery more power efficient.

1.Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS
Sometimes, android mobile phone users forgot to turn off their WiFi system of the phone. When you're not in need of WiFi connection, it's best to make it disconnected. If the WiFi is in on status continuously, then your android mobile phone will actively look for WiFi signal. This causes the battery to drain quickly. In addition to WiFi, Bluetooth should also be turned off when it is not needed.

GPS also includes one feature that you must turn off when not in use. GPS is usually used to find a particular location to make it easier to find or not to get lost.
These three features are actually very easy to use. Usually, smartphones have their shortcuts in the scroll menu of main menu (home screen).

2.Adjust Screen Brightness Level
The brighter the screen, the greater then the power it is needed. Therefore, use the brightness level as low as possible so that the battery power will becomes more efficient. However, you must still also consider your comfort when you staring at your android screen.

Some android mobile phones have an auto brightness feature. This feature will automatically adjust the screen brightness based on the room light where you are in. We recommend that you do not use this feature because usually it adjusts the level of brightness more than the necessary.

You can adjust the brightness manually to be able to get the brightness minimal but still give your eyes comfort when you use your android mobile phone.

3.Do not use unnecessary widgets
It is better for you to choose the widgets that you really need. Some widgets like weather widget which is constantly connected to the internet may not really you need. It is too bad if your battery is drained for features that you actually do not need.

4.Turn off auto-sync feature
As a kind of smartphone, android mobile phones are usually completed with auto-sync feature. With this feature, you can get instant notifications from some apps such as email, facebook, or twitter.
If you do not really needed, for example during the holidays, you should disable this feature. You can monitor the latest messages from this app by logging into the app.

5.Turn off vibration and lower volume
One of the other system than drain you battery power is the vibration system of your android. The vibration system that exist in android smartphone can be one cause of more depletion of your battery power. The more frequently you used this vibration notification system, the more battery power needed to perform the system. It is better for you to turn off the vibration notification system on your smartphone, especially for the haptic feedback.
In addition to that, decrease the volume level of your android mobile phone. Either for notification tones (ringtone, sms, etc.) or also when you play music on your android [hone. A loud sound can accelerate the depletion of your battery. When you play music or video, you may use some accessories such as earphones or headphones.

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How To Save Your Android Battery Power
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