How to take care of your hair for keep it healthy

How to take care of your hair for keep it healthy
Hair care routine is done by almost everyone, especially women. Hair, for women, is just like a crown. Unfortunately, sometimes hair can be damaged if it is not treated as well as possible. The damage occurs when the hair begins to lose, or having dandruff, branching, dry and any other problem. When such hair damages occur, your hair will have poor appearance and you are not confident to show your hair in public.
Damaged hair is caused by many factors that you may not have noticed before. Such as less hair wash, exposure to continuous sunlight, use of hair dye paint, rebounding treatment, and others. All of them have negative effects and may decrease the health of your hairs. However, when you can maintain your hair healthy, you can treat your hair in any way.

How to keep your hair strong and healthy
Every one covet strong and healthy hair. There are several things that you have to pay attention to in getting a strong and healthy hair. Here they are the things.

First: Wash your hair regularly.
Dirty and greasy hair will be easily lose from head. So that, to avoid such that things, you should routinely wash your hair. Do wash your hair three times a week in minimum. Washing hair regularly can also avoid any dandruff that attacks the scalp. Your hair will fresh and its strength can be maintained for a long time.

Second: Have your hair cut
Indeed, long hair seems look nice and beautiful, but the shape begins to irregular and often fall out. Why does hair fall out? Because most people’s hair roots are not strong enough to hold such long hair. If this happens to you then, trim your hair by cutting it. No need to cut out really short, just trim the hair edge only.

Third: Choose the most suitable shampoo
Shampoo has a big effect on your hair. Some people use a certain shampoo which is not suitable for their hair so that theirs has fallen out badly. Avoid using shampoo that is not suitable for your hair by choosing the right shampoo. If you feel that your shampoo that you use is not suitable then, immediately replace your shampoo with the more suitable one. Choose a shampoo which is made from selected natural ingredients. 

Fourth: Hair drying
Most people dry their hair by rubbing them with a towel and / or blow their hair with hair dryer. Rubbing hair with a towel too hard will make your hair tangle and fall out. So, you may use a towel but you have to use it in a subtle way. Do not use hair dryer too often, hot air from hair dryer may cause hair fall out.

Do the above activities properly to make your hair healthy and strong. Your hair will be sparkling and it is will get more beautiful and better.

Inner hair care by consuming food that provides your hair with nutrition
To take care your hair can be done not only with outer treatments but can also be done with inner treatment by the foods you eat. There are some foods that can affect the health of your hair and make your hair more beautiful.

One such food is that contains protein and fiber. Examples of such foods are fish, beans, egg, milk, nuts, shellfish, pumpkin seeds, oysters and spinach. You are also advised to consume foods containing omega 3. Examples of foods with the highest omega-3 content are sardines, salmon, yogurt and cheese. All these foods can be found easily in the market or the nearest supermarket.

How to treat your hair with inner treatment through the food you eat is the most effective because it prioritizes your hair strength, it makes your hair not easily fall out and shiny. Eat these foods daily and get beautiful hair.

Take care your hair with natural ingredients
Indeed, beauty shop treatment is very important for your hair, yet the cost is super expensive. However, you can save your money in treating your hair by using natural ingredients at your home. Here are natural ingredients that have been proven maintaining your hair healthy.

First: Egg yolks and olive oil
Mixture of egg yolks and olive oil able to soften your hair. First, mix one of egg yolk with one tablespoon of olive oil. If you have vitamin E tablet then it can be mixed as well. Stir well until they are really blended and then apply the mixture onto the scalp, while you continuously massage your head. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then rinse with shampoo.

Second: Mayonnaise
Caring for hair with mayonnaise may be rarely done by common people. Actually, mayonnaise can be used as a good conditioner. You can apply mayonnaise onto your wet hair and leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse your hair with shampoo, then you can feel the softness of your hair.

Third: Aloe vera
To maintain your hair strength, it can be done effectively and fast by using aloe vera. Aloe vera content has been proven to make hair stronger and not easily fall out.

Fourth: Banana
The high calcium which is contained in banana able to maintain your hair healthy to keep your hair remain elastic. You can do this treatment by combing you hair with a fork that previously smeared with banana. Leave it for 10 minutes then rinse with shampoo.

Hair care is very easy, do not be lazy to take care of the beauty of your hair. Either naturally, consuming nutritious food or beauty shop treatments.

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How to take care of your hair for keep it healthy
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