6 Types of Smartphone Casing

6 Types Of Smartphone Casing
Mobile Phone accessories in the from of casing is certainly not new stuff again. Almost all owners of smartphones use this accessory to protect their phone from dust, water, friction. or collision of hard objects.
Aside from being a protector, the casing can also be used to style because of its color and its funny shape. Do you want to know what the six casings are? Check out the full blurb below!
1. Hard case
In order that your phone looks sturdy and elegant, we recommend using the casing of hard case type. Because this type of casing is made of aluminum and plastic fiber, so it looks strong. Casing that is able to protect your mobile from the crunch has the heat absorbing nature. Therefore, your smartphone is not going to be heat easily. In addition to some benefits, it turns out, this casings still has weaknesses, namely prone to crack or even break. This could happen if a mobile phone falls to the floor with a crunch.
2. Soft case
Soft case casing is made from soft materials such as silicone, foam covered with a cloth, or rubber. The advantages of this casing are able to withstand a collision and muffle it so it does not make mobile phone damaged. The material that is not slick and comfortable when it is touched makes this casing type to be much wanted by the owners of a mobile phone. However, if you are interested with this casing, you should be diligent to clean it up or to keep it in a clean place. Because, the weaknesses of the casing type of soft case is easily dirty. In addition, this casing also has heat-holding nature, so that the heat that comes from mobile phone could not get out.
3. Flip Cover
The flip cover is the casing that closes the front while the back of the phone so that both sides can be protected from collision or scratches. The front section is typically made of foam or cloth skin. Meanwhile, the back section is made of plastic fiber. To the front of the casing, there are closed entirely, but there are also to be given the window so you do not have to open the front of the casing to see the calling names. The weakness of the flip cover is that you must release the back of mobile phone and then be replaced with the back of the casing.
4. A Folio Case
This type of casing is almost the same as the flip cover. However, with folio case, you do not need to open the back of mobile phone to put up the back of the casing. In addition, the casing of this type also includes a pouch that is usually used to store business cards.
5. A Pouch Case
Pouch case is a sheath of mobile phone used to store mobile phone when you do not use. By the time stored in the bag or put it on the desk, mobile phone will be more secure if you use pouch case. Because, the casing is made of foam and is covered with the skin of this synthesis makes the mobile phone will not be affected by stroke of other objects inside the bag or on the table.
6. Waterproof Case
As the name suggests, this casing serves to protect the mobile phone from the water. Waterproof case capable of retaining water so it does not get into mobile phone. So, if your hobbies are swimming or snorkeling, this kind of casing can be the mainstay of your mobile phone. Your beautiful moments in the water would not be missed. Because the casing is made of polycarbonate that elastic keeps, you can operate it in the water. Again, the casing has anti-glare and ultra violet hold.
Well, now you can simply select the casing where the most suitable for your smartphone. All depends of your daily activities while using mobile phone. Don't get wrong select mobile phone accessories.
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6 Types of Smartphone Casing
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