8 Tips on Keeping Your Smartphone by mobile phone accessories

Tips on Keeping Your Smartphone by mobile phone accessories
 Nowadays, Smartphone is such as the mushrooms in the rainy season. Smartphone users can be found everywhere. This is in line with the technological developments and the needs of the rapidly increasing communication.
The Smartphone operating system is more susceptible to damage than other types of ordinary mobile phone. In addition, most of the front part of the body is vulnerable cracked or broken screen. Therefore, in order for your durable smartphone, you need to follow some tips here. 
1.         Maintaining the body parts
In order to keep the flawless smartphone body, you should give mobile phone accessories such as flip case or lather case. For a smartphone that doesn't have certification standards such as waterproof, anti-dust, and others, you have to be more careful. For certification, the error can be covered with warranty if it is broken. In addition, don't forget to keep clean the body regularly and routinely.
2.        Software/systems
For users of android, many apps or interesting games that can be downloaded and installed are available in Playstore. However, you as a user have to be wiser in choosing an application or game that is about to be installed in a smartphone. Choose which you really need. Too many applications will make your smartphone's performance not be the maximum.
In addition, you must be careful if you install the applications or games from illegal sites. The application could have been infiltrated malware that harm your device.
3.        Screen 
Most of the front smartphones are the screen. To protect the screen from scratches, the risk of a crash, you can give them a screen protector. However, for certain smartphones, it was already given the innate protection such as gorilla glass or the like so that you don't have to give an extra screen protector.
4.        Battery
The battery is an important part for the smartphone. Usually the battery has a capacity of age so that it will be gradually worn-out. In order that the battery is more durable, charge while the battery still has enough capacity between 10-15 percent. Take off Immediately the charger when the battery is full. If you make a mistake in charging frequently, the battery will quickly drop so that the power can be decreased and finally broken.
5.       The speaker and camera
For the camera, we recommend that you use a protector that also becomes one with the case. Or you could also provide protection to the lens so that it does not happen the undesirable thing, such as scratches.
For the maintenance of the speaker, you may keep away the speaker from the magnetic field, metal, or water so that the quality of the speakers is still good. To save battery life, you can hear music when using mobile phone accessories like earphones.
6.        Backup data (back up)
The data is important. To anticipate something undesirable such as damage, we recommend that you do back up regularly. If already done back up, data may be returned or restore if smartphone suffered damage. Data can be backed up on servers, laptops, and so on.
7.        Keep out of children’s reach
Children should not be allowed to use a smartphone. This can result in things that you don't want to happen on your smartphone.
8.        Save your smartphone in a good place
Don't you put smartphones in wedged place such as tight jeans pocket. In the long term, this could have an effect on the LCD of your smartphone.
Thus, a few of tips on maintaining your smartphone that you can apply in order to make your smartphone more durable. In addition, you may also need to complete your smartphone with some mobile phone accessories in order to make your smartphone more optimal. May the above tips be useful!

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8 Tips on Keeping Your Smartphone by mobile phone accessories
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