MARTIZAINFO_ Here, I will introduce a few of tourism places in Tegal regency that may be an interesting place which you shall visit if passing tegal.
or you may also want to know culinary place in Tegal but here I just give an overview of the famous tourism places in Tegal that can also be the references when you take vacation. Firstly let us know where is tegal?.. Tegal is one of Regency in Central Java Province Indonesia that has many tourism places, especially natural tourism that is visited by many tourists from both its own people and outsider of Tegal even foreigner. Tourism place in Tegal Regency is very cool for a family vacation and important meeting that can bring more fresh minds, because of the beauty of the Slamet mountain views and surroundings. And you can also visit the hot water pool that  is one of the very famous tourism place in Tegal.
The following is a list of the famous tourism place in Tegal Regency.

1. Tourism place of Tegal Guci or hot water GUCI TEGAL
Tourism place of Tegal Guci is located on Jl, Objek Wisata Guci Sigendong Bumijawa Kabupaten Tegal. This tourism place is famous with hot water pool, hot springs of Tegal Guci comes from Mount Slamet. From people’s story, many people who have a skin disease take a bath in hot water pool, then their skin disease can be healed and until now most people of Tegal believe it,
Why can Guci hot water heal the skin diseases? It is possible that the Guci hot water pool contains sulfur. Are you interested to know the tourism place of Tegal Guci, so don't miss it if you take a long vacation,visit hot water GUCI TEGAL in Tegal Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.

2. Pantai Alam Indah (PAI)/ Beautiful Natural Beaches
After Tegal Guci, Tegal also has a panoramic view of the beautiful beaches, interestingly enough. The beautiful Natural Beach (PAI) is located near the center of Tegal city. In this beautiful natural beach, many traditional games are leased such as the sailing boat managed by the residents around beach, and it is also provided the water boom game, maritime monument, boat trips that are much sought after by visitors for selfie,

3. Purwahamba Indah Beach
The next tourism place is the beautiful beach Purwahamba.
It is located in Purwahamba village Suradadi district Tegal regency, adjacent to Pemalang regency, in Purwahamba beach it is provided a lot of facilities such as Water boom, swimming pool, water bikes and many other, even many sculptures of animals such as Dinosaur that can be selfie or take picture with family. The beach is so beautiful , many children are interested to play the sand beach , it is suitable for families to take vacation.

4. Cacaban Reservoir
Cacaban reservoir was established by the first president RI namely IR. Sukarno for the purpose of irrigation for farmers there, but time by time, Cacaban reservoir is managed to provide a tourism place, When the author was still in elementary school many various unique animals was here such as a rare bird, wowo, large lizard, snake, elephant, horse and many other,
Now in Cacaban reservoirs there are boat tours that could take the family to see around the edge of the Cacaban reservoir, which is a beautiful natural phenomenon around it, and the cost is quite cheap.

5. The People's Park of Slawi
The people's park of Slawi is new tourism place for children, it was open for public as the children's playground in 2013. In the people's park of Slawi many traditional foods are provided. If you visit Tegal, don’t forget to buy traditional food or beverage of Tegal  here. In this park, there is often Tegal opera stage with the language and dialect of Tegal regency.
The People's Park of Slawi is located in front of the Slawi bus station, it is possible for anyone to reach it because of its strategic place, and usually People's Park of Slawi is crowded at night, for visitors outside Tegal usually plays on People's Park of Slawi at night and goes to GUCI in the next morning.

6. Cultural Tourism Place of Rumah Wayang Tegal Consortium
If you love puppets, please visit Rumah Wayang Tegal Consortium, here many of the puppets are shown such as wayang kulit, wayang golek, wayang santri, wayang bambu, wayang kreasi, there is also the accessories such as the types of batik, keris, mask, painting of puppet world, typical weapons in the world of puppet, and photos of Ki Enthus as the mastermind of the puppet, gamelan, and many other collections.

The location of Rumah Wayang Tegal Consortium is not so difficult as there is direction board near the bridge of Lemah Duwur – Talang, Tegal Regency heading towards Brug Abang. From the highway of Talang or known as Jalan Satu, after having met the bridge Talang, go to east until see a long bridge across the river Gung, then follow the main road up to Bengle village, its position is on the left side of the road.

Those are some of famous tourism place in Tegal that are visited by many foreigners from outside of Tegal, if your take vacation please visit Tegal regency, I am sure you will be satisfied.
Enjoy the tour of Tegal Regency.
Don't forget  to comment if Tegal Regency tour is satisfied.
Hopefully it can be used as references for  your vacation
Thank You 

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