Dangerous Effects of Using Headset to Ears

Dangerous Effects of Using Headset to Ears

Benefits and dangers of using headsets – Headsets are a device which is used for listening to music which is directly plugged into a smartphone, while the loudspeakers part on ears. Nowadays, many people that frequently use headsets. We can find they use the headset in their various activities. For instances, when they are relaxing, boarding on a bus, at school, at work break and frequently when they are going to sleep. They really enjoy using headsets.

Headsets can be bought at stores, many stores provide headsets of various types. From headsets with good quality to those of average quality, you should choose a good quality headset which is more durable. Headsets seller sometimes provide two types of headsets, i. e. the ori (original) headsets and the kawe (copycat version), in terms of the prices, these two general type of headsets, off course, are very different, the sound qualities as well. Indeed, the copycat version has advantages in terms of its affordable which is so cheap that many consumers preferably are using this copycat version of headsets.

Most youngsters now usually preferably choose to listen to musings by using a headsets because of their advantages offered. One of these advantages of using headsets is it enables users to listen to music they like in full volume. However, besides these advantages, using headsets pose several dangerous effects as well. What are the benefits and dangers of using headsets?

There are several benefits and dangers of using headsets to ears in prolonged use.

Benefits of using headsets while listening to music

There are a few benefits of using headsets, actually. One of these few advantages is that you can listen to music clearly without any other disturbance of sounds. Listening to music by using headsets avoid you from noisy effect since it is enables you to enjoy the music only by yourself. The sound of the music which is heard by using headset is very good, the sound is not shrill. You can deeply enjoy your music that you listen to so that you can easily memorize the lyrics. 

By using headsets while you listen to music makes you more enjoy and you can follow the rhythm of music well. In fact, you do not intentionally want to move your body to dance. The experience will be different when you listen to music directly from smartphones, without headsets. The sounds of the music is just ordinary and even you cannot listen to music itself since you cannot concentrate to the music since there are noises from the surroundings. It is very comfortable to use headsets while you listen to music especially in your spare relaxing time.

That’s a few benefits of using headsets that you must know. These benefits make people more and more in love to listen to music by using headsets, however, it is always important to always know the limits of using headsets. Provided that you use headsets rarely, it will not cause adverse effects to you. Conversely, if you use headsets too often, then you have to be ready to have some problem with your ears.

Dangerous effects of using headset

The danger of using a headset is rarely known to the user. In fact they use it with no regard for existing regulations. It can cause negative effects that are fatal. Here is the danger of using a headset that is too much.

1.It may causes deafness

Using headsets for long term and high volume may cause permanent deafness. Initially, you may only experience a momentary deaf that can be cured by minimizing your headset use, however, if you keep using your headsets continuously with high volume, then your ears probably will not hear anything ever.

If you feel your ears are less able to hear the sound of the music you listen to, then stop using headset. Take a rest for a while to get your ear back to normal.

2.It makes your ears buzzing

Using a headset without rules may makes your ears as it is buzzing. This buzzing sound that you hear in your ears makes your hearing uncomfortable. If you experience such this, it can be cured in an easy way actually. First, you have to take breathe deeply and hold and blow air out while you pinch your nose. Do these repeatedly until you can feel that your ears become normal again.

3.It makes you do not aware of your surroundings

Using headset means that you silenced your ears with the music you listen to. You will not listen to any other sounds of your surroundings. You are too enjoy listening music with your headsets and make you become a person that do not socialize with your surrounding environments. It keeps you further away from the environment and makes you become an anti-social.

4.It makes you may experience an accident

Using headsets while you are riding bike or car, it potentially harm yourself. When you are listening to music by using headsets, you are less aware of the road conditions. You will not listen to any other car horns or you can also pay less attention to traffic signs.

Due to your lack of attention to surrounding circumstances when you are driving a car, for instance, may lead you experience an accident. Fortunately if it is only a minor accident, however you may have a major accident that may resulting in death, so that then you should use headsets responsibly. You should prioritize your safety, you should consider listening to music by using headsets another time, not when you are driving a car.

Indeed, there are benefits and dangers of using headsets, so then you should always consider them when you are using headsets. The benefits of using headsets are positive and very beneficial for the users. However, there are still many who do not know the benefits and dangers of using headset so that, as the one who know them, you have to tell the others.

When you tell them about these advantages and dangers, you should tell them in detail the benefits and dangers of using headset. Especially for the dangerous effects of using headsets too frequently. Either to adults and children. Usually, children ignore the benefits and dangers of using headset. They consider them trivial so that many children lose their hearing at very young ages.

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Dangerous Effects of Using Headset to Ears
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